About Me

I feel like my life just started at the age of 28. My rebirth happened March 16, 2009. The time that has been given to me has been the biggest teacher. Better than any book I've read and better than any one person's wisdom or knowledge. Time is the biggest healer. A favorite quote among my friends is, "Time takes time." Oh boy. lol.

Trying to bring back a feeling of love for all of earth's inhabitants. Rebuilding a long lost spiritual foundation that I once knew before my fall into darkness. Trying to remain teachable.. Beginners Mind.. Being mindful.. Blunt the Sharpness, untie the knot, soften the glare, and settle the dust..

For me life isn't about what I can take from it but what I can give to it. What I can add into the stream of life..

Teachers are everywhere.. You teach me so much and for that I am truly grateful.. God Bless and Nameste :)